Our company, A Palette of FUN Paint Parties is owned and operated by Gail Simpson.

It is a B.C. business, based in White Rock B.C.

While Paint ‘n Sip parties have been in the news for a long time — the history of our A Palette of FUN Paint Parties is a classic business where a hobby becomes a fun career. We didn’t invent the model! It is believed that paint parties were  first pioneered in New Orleans in 2007 — two women started running them to bring people together after Hurricane Katrina. 

We Are Locally Owned and Grown

We are a locally, owned and operated small B.C. startup business with venues in the South and East Fraser Valley. What sets us apart from other painting ventures,  is that we are about fun and making your painting experience a memorable one. We want  to introduce - or reintroduce - you to art in a non-threatening or intimidating way . We provide one-on-one tips and hands on training during our painting parties. We are proud that we are creating a vibrate community of painters at each session, many  have gone on to pursue the craft in further detail. We encourage interaction with our instructors and the other painters who, together with you and your friends will make this experience a very fun, open and supportive event.

Gail Simpson

Owner. Artist. Teacher.

Gail has been painting for many years. This is a story of a passion and a gift, turning into a fun and inclusive business. Her passion for teaching others and her gift of humor is entertaining for all. Gail has built a successful PAINT PARTY company one person at a time. Making sure that each guest is treated like a good friend and that they leave with a sense of accomplishment and JOY!

Nelida Saganai

I’m very happy to be part of A Palette of Fun Painting Parties team, and bring my passion and love of painting to everyone. I have been painting for well over 20 years and have sold my work worldwide. Although I have completed my masters in graphic design and computer animation, my true passion has always been in awakening emotions through my painted work. Throughout the years I have experimented with different mediums and techniques, that I’m happy to be able to share with all of you.


Cindy Smail

I am thrilled to teach for  “A Palette of Fun Paint Parties” for so many reasons, but most of all because I will  share my passion for painting.    
That is what I will share with all of you - every time you look at your painting that you created , I want you to feel that joy. 
My favourite part of the Paint Parties is to see the ability that every one has to create a  personal masterpiece of their own and to be part of that is very humbling and special. 



Ever heard of paint nights? You certainly don’t have to be Van Gogh or even creative…just have a good instructor who provides step by step instruction. Kudos Gail Simpson from A Pallette of Fun. It seems I have progressed from a barn door to a mediterranean door. Maybe leaves will be next?? Who knew painting could be so much fun! It helps you to focus, takes your mind off things for a few hours, and even therapeutic and relaxing. Something fun to do with family or friends. Pure enjoyment!    ~ Debbie

Gail is an excellent instructor.  With Gail’s knowledge, guidance and patience I learned to express myself through painting.  I hosted a private party where all the guests had a great time.  I continue to attend classes because with each session I learn new techniques. ~ Muriel

Think you can’t paint?? .. Wrong!! Gail’s classes are not only so much fun and delightful..they are transforming. You actually do have an “artist” inside of you. Gail brings that out along with being encouraging, enthusiastic, and such a gentle delightful teacher.

I wished I’d discovered this part of “me” years ago.. thanks for bringing the artist (ahem) out in me!! Not only the classes, but I had a b’day party. What a hoot and SO much FUN!! Many had never NEVER held a brush before and now their masterpieces hang proudly on their walls.. thanks Gail. ~M. B.